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Bourassa Family Tree 1600+

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15May2002 Need older pictures for this family line

    I have very little information on Rosalie Pelagie Bourassa. Her husband Acan had three wives and about 25 childeren. Please feel free to contact me with any question or correction. Some entries below have not been verified

    Any and all HELP! will be welcomed. Please send Comments, Questions or Corrections to, Gerald Coleman, by e-mail.


    Ancestors of Gerald Coleman

      10 )F rancois Bourassa b: 1633 in St. Hilaire de Loulay, Lucon, France d: Aft. 1659
      Marguerite Dugas b: 1635 in St. Hilaire de Loulay, Lucon, France m: 1658 d: July 06, 1698

      9 )Francois Bourassa b: 1659 in St.hilaire, De Loulay, Poitou, France d: May 09, 1708
      Marie Leber b: December 06, 1666 in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec m: July 04, 1684 d: 1756

      8 )Antoine Bourassa b: March 23, 1703/04 in Laprairie, St. Jean, Quebec d: January 28, 1780
      Marie-Anne Moquin b: April 16, 1713 in Laprairie, St. Jean, Quebec m: April 04, 1731 d: 1765

      7 )Vital Bourassa b: November 04, 1747 in Laprairie, St. Jean, Quebec - all Ancestors trace to France d: 1817
      Marie Hebert b: 1749 in Laprairie, St. Jean, Quebec m: June 01, 1772 d: 1801

      6 )Francois Bourassa b: November 03, 1783 in Laprairie, Canada d: April 28, 1859
      Therese Thibault b: March 20, 1796 in Ste. Genevieve, Possession of Span m: Aft. 1811

      5 )Pierre Bourassa b: Bef. 1820 in Missouri
      Elizabeth Degagné b: Bef. 1820 in Missouri m: October 12, 1835

      4 )Rosalie Pelagie Bourassa b: October 14, 1836 in Old Mines, Mo. d: Bef. 1878
      Stephen-Etienne Thebeau-Jebeau b: February 16, 1836 in Missouri ? m: November 25, 1856 d: April 29, 1919

      3 )Mary Emma Thebeau-Theabo b: September 22, 1863 in Old Mines, Mo. d: January 23, 1949
      Thomas Thebeau-Theabo b: June 1859 in Old Mines, Mo. m: December 25, 1880 d: April 02, 1944

      2 )Catherine Mary Thebeau b: October 02, 1906 in Old Mines, Mo. d: June 25, 1992
      Leo George Coleman b: January 1909 in Old Mines, Mo. m: August 25, 1935 d: August 1967

      1 )Gerald B. Coleman b: June 28, 1936 in Old Mines, Mo


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    8. If you have any relatives, in USA, Canada, France or Germany, in common with my Family Line please send me an email.

      I have more information available and am interested in receiving or exchanging information.

      What I do when I'm not researching my family tree. I have a House of Toys where I display my Fast Food Collection.

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