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Brown Family Tree 1600+

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June 20, 2002, I have no update to post.

My trail ends with Peter Brown and Mary Gillette. I Believe His father to be Peter Brown, a carpenter on the Mayflower . Any and all HELP! will be welcomed. Please send Comments, Questions or Corrections to, Lucille Coleman, by e-mail.


Ancestors of the Miller's

    PETER BROWN b 1632, Plymouth, Ma. d 09Mar1692, Windsor, Ct. m 15Jul1658, Windsor, Ct.
    MARY GILLETTE b ???, ??? d ???, ???

    JOHN BROWN I b 08Jan1668, Windsor, Ct. d 04Feb1728, Simsbury, Ct. m ???, ???
    ELIZABETH LOOMIS b???, ??? d ???, ???

    JOHN BROWN II b 11Mar1700, Simsbury, Ct. d 03Sep1790, ??? m ???, ???
    MARY EGGLESTON b ???, ??? d ???, ???

    JOHN BROWN III, CPT. b 04Nov1728, Simsbury, Ct. d 03Sep1775, Revolutionary War New York m ???, ???
    HANNAH OWEN b ???, ??? d ???, ??? m ???, ???

    OWEN BROWN b 16Feb1771, Simsbury, Ct. d 08May1856, Hudson, Oh. m 8Nov1809, Hudson Oh.
    SALLY ROOT b ???, ??? d ???, ???

    HENRY ORIN BROWN b 18Mar1810, Hudson, Oh. d ???, ??? m ???, ???
    SARAH EVANS GEE b 1822, ??? d 1910, Anamosa, Iowa

    JOHN WALKER BROWN b 16Dec1846 d ???, ??? m ???, ???
    MARGARET ELISE APPLEGATE b 28Feb1851, Anamosa, Ia. d 08Oct1871, Beatrice, Ne. m Anamosa, Ia.

    ORIN RICHARD BROWN b 26Aug1879, Anamosa, Iowa d 29Dec1956, Herington, Ks. m 30Mar1905, Horton, Ks.
    NORA EDITH REECE b 16Jul1885, Horton, Ks. d 30Nov1966,Topeka, Kansas

    CHESTER LEE BROWN b 27Apr1908, Horton, Ks. d 08Nov1972, Ft Scott, Ks. m 07Aug1934, Herington, Ks.
    CECILE MAE VANSICKLE b 27Nov1912, Fulton, Ks. d 02Oct1987, Ocean Springs, Ms.

    WILLIAM EUGENE MILLER b 13Sep1925, Memphis, Tn. d 18Jul1992, Ocean Springs, Ms. m 20Apr1963, Newkirk, Ok..
    LOIS LUCILLE BROWN b 22Mar1937, Herington, Ks.

    WILLIAM GENE MILLER b 28Nov1966, Biloxi, Ms.
    SHERRY KATHERINE DAWN MILLER b 11Aug1971, Biloxi, Ms.

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  9. If you have any relatives in common with my Family Line please send me an email.

    I have more information available and am interested in receiving or exchanging information.

    What I do when I'm not researching my family tree. I love crocheting my own clothes and making animals for the grandchilderen's Christmas.