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Juliette Family Tree 1700+

I hope you enjoy my site.

    Please feel free to contact me with any question or correction. Some entries below have not been verified

    15May2002 Need older pictures for this family line

    James Jullerat & Martha Colemanimage: on display at OMHS

    My trail ends with James coming over on a boat with his brother, so the story goes. James was in the Civil War and there are letters from him to his wife keep in Fertile, Mo. Would like a copy of these letters to post on this web site. I have many lateral branches. Any and all HELP! will be welcomed. Please send Comments, Questions or Corrections to, Gerald Coleman, by e-mail.


    Ancestors of Gerald Coleman

      6 )Francois Juliette b: Abt. 1784 in Bourogne, France. d: Bet. 1804 - 1835
      Marie Barbe-Gete b: Abt. 1785 in France ? d: Abt. 1844

      5 ) James J. Juliette-Jenellard b: Bet. 1827 - 1831 in Bourogne, France d: April 26, 1899
      Marthe Adelle Coleman b: June 05, 1840 in Old Mines, Mo. m: March 06, 1859 d: April 05, 1933

      4 ) Florence Isaac Juliette-Julert b: March 15, 1864 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO d: August 21, 1934
      Mary Cornelia Portell-Portais b: April 1867 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO m: August 25, 1891 d: Aft. 1909

      3 ) Mary Rose Juliette-Jullerette b: July 02, 1892 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO d: 1978
      Timon Lennis Coleman b: March 05, 1888 in Old Mines, Mo. m: February 23, 1909 d: May 23, 1960

      2 )Leo George Coleman b: January 1909 in Old Mines, Mo. d: August 1967
      Catherine Mary Thebeau b: October 02, 1906 in Old Mines, Mo. m: August 25, 1935 d: June 25, 1992

      1 ) Gerald B. Coleman b: June 28, 1936 in Old Mines, Mo.

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    8. If you have any relatives, in USA, Canada, France or Germany, in common with my Family Line please send me an email.

      I have more information available and am interested in receiving or exchanging information.

      What I do when I'm not researching my family tree. I have a House of Toys where I display my Fast Food Collection.

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