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Osia / Oge' Family Tree 1700+

I hope you enjoy my site.

September 2000, Thanks for the many replies. Hoping to have some old-old pictures on this site soon.

My trail ends with Francois but I have many lateral branches. Any and all HELP! will be welcomed. Please send Comments, Questions or Corrections to, Gerald Coleman, by e-mail.


Ancestors of Alma, Russell, Cliford and Ruth OSIA

    5) FRANCOIS O'GE b 29Nov1762, St. Jean, Deschaillon d 05Feb1843, Old Mines m 12Apr1790, SteGen.
    5) THERESEA LAPLANTE b about 12Aug1772, Vincennes, In. d 01Jan1843, Old Mines, Mo.

    Francois was the son of Francois Auge and Francoise Maillot aka Mayote.

    Therese was the daughter of Alexis Louis LaPlante and Marie Therese Denis Verroneau.

    5) JOSEPH COLEMAN b 22Feb1786, m 28Oct1788, d unknown, all in SteGen.
    5) MARIE BOYER b 28Oct1788, d unknown, all in SteGen.
    Joseph was the son of Francois Kullmann Sr. and Therese Robinet.

    Marie was the daughter of Charles Boyer IV and Marie Madeleine Maurice.

    4) LOUIS (LUC) O'GE (OSIA) b 03Aug1792 SteGen, d unknown m 02Feb1836, Old Mines, Mo.
    4) HORTENSE ARSINE MESSEE (MISSE') b 10Feb1803 SteGen, d unknown
    Hortense was the daughter of Jacques Misse' and Marie Louise Laconte.

    4) JOSEPH COLEMAN b 1Dec1810 SteGenMo, m 4Feb1834 d unknown, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    4) MARIE CECILE DUCLOS b 16Nov1817 SteGenMo, d unknown Old Mines, Mo.
    Marie was the daughter of Antoine DuClos and Cecile Aubuchon.

    3) FRANCIS O’GE (OSIA) b Oct1836, m 20Jan1861 d 04Jul1915, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    3) MARIE THERESE SOPHIE COLEMAN b 09May1838, d 13 Nov1914, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    Marie was the daughter of Joseph Coleman and Marie Duclos.

    3) ZENO PORTELL (PORTAIS) b 6Sep1845, m 20Jun1871 d 19Sep1921, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    3) MARY CORNELIA TROKEY b Oct 1853, d 15Mar1936, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    Mary was the daughter of Anthony Trokey and Marie Politte.

    2) EUGENE OSIA (OZIER) b Oct1862, m 5Dec1893, d 24Jun1927, all in Old Mines, Mo.
    2) MARY LOUISE PORTELL b May1872, Old Mines, Mo. d 17Jan1959, Old Mines, Mo.
    Mary was the daughter of Zeno Portais and Mary Cornelia Trokey.

    1) CLARENCE OSIA b 1901? d about 1930, Old Mines, Mo. m 22Oct1923, Old Mines, Mo.
    1) CATHERINE MARY [KATE] THEBEAU b 2Oct1906, Old Mines, Mo. d 25Jun1992, DE SOTO, MO.
    Catherine was the widowe of Clarence Osia and I have 4 peers from that marriage.

    ALMA OSIA b 14 August 1924, OLD MINES, MO.

    RUSSELL (Bud) OSIA b 03 Sep 1925, OLD MINES, MO.

    RUTH OSIA b 08August 1927, OLD MINES, MO.

    CLIFFORD (Bill) OSIA b23 July 1929 , OLD MINES, MO.

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  8. If you have any relatives, in USA, Canada, France or Germany, in common with my Family Line please send me an email.

    I have more information available and am interested in receiving or exchanging information.

    What I do when I'm not researching my family tree. I have a House of Toys where I display my Fast Food Collection.

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