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Portell - Portais Family Tree 1700+

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15May2002 Need older pictures for this family line


My trail ends with Francois Portais in France, but I have many lateral branches. Any and all HELP! will be welcomed. Please send Comments, Questions or Corrections to, Gerald Coleman, by e-mail.


Ancestors of Gerald Coleman

    9 )Francois Portais b: Bef. 1700 in Bassilly, Avranches, Normandie, France
    Isabelle Lebrec b: Bef. 1700 in Bassilly, Avranches, Normandie, France m: Bef. 1714

    8 ) Francois Portais-et-Porter b: 1714 in d'Avranches, France d: 1764
    Madeleine Monet Dit Boismenu b: December 27, 1721 in St. Francois, Canada; m: August 28, 1741 d: Abt. 1764

    7 ) Jean Baptiste Portais b: January 07, 1750/51 in Terrebonne, Canada d: June 27, 1822
    Marguerite Chabote b: July 05, 1778 in Poste Vincinnes, Illinois m: May 03, 1794 d: 1850

    6 ) Joseph Portais b: 1806 in Ste. Genevieve, French Upper Louisiana
    Marie Louise Boyer b: June 30, 1805 in French Upper Louisiana m: October 24, 1826

    5 ) Theodore Joseph Portais-Portell b: November 19, 1836 in Old Mines, Mo.
    Juliann Bourassa Borassau b: 1841 in Old Mines, Mo. m: November 13, 1859

    4 ) Mary Cornelia Portell-Portais b: April 1867 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO d: Aft. 1909
    Florence Isaac Juliette-Julert b: March 15, 1864 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO m: August 25, 1891 d: August 21, 1934

    3 ) Mary Rose Juliette-Jullerette b: July 02, 1892 in Old Mines, Washington County, MO d: 1978
    Timon Lennis Coleman b: March 05, 1888 in Old Mines, Mo. m: February 23, 1909 d: May 23, 1960

    2 ) Leo George Coleman b: January 1909 in Old Mines, Mo. d: August 1967
    Catherine Mary Thebeau b: October 02, 1906 in Old Mines, Mo. m: August 25, 1935 d: June 25, 1992

    1 ) Gerald B. Coleman b: June 28, 1936 in Old Mines, Mo.

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  8. If you have any relatives, in USA, Canada, France or Germany, in common with my Family Line please send me an email.

    I have more information available and am interested in receiving or exchanging information.

    What I do when I'm not researching my family tree. I have a House of Toys where I display my Fast Food Collection.

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